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Choice menu

Für nur 32,50 €



  • Marinated Goat cheese *

    With tomato marshmallow, marinated tomato, pesto mayonnaise and tomato crackers

    * Vegetarier
  • Smoked salmon

    With marinated salmon of cucumber pearls, radish and citrus dressing

  • Carpaccio

    With truffle mayonnaise and pecorino cheese

  • Regional dried ham

    With grilled French bread, a nectarine, mozzarella and basil salad and aceto balsamic

  • Soup of your choice;

    Tomato-, Tom kha kai-, vegetables or mustard soup



  • Fish and Chips

    Crispy deep fried white fish served with fries and remoulade sauce

  • Salmon

    With an oriental salad, salted lemon and samphire

  • Vegan burger *

    With rosemary, eggplant tapenade, sweet potato fries and ras el hanout

    * Vegetarier
  • Schnitzel Hengelo

    With onions, bacon, mushrooms, paprika and aged cheese served with stroganoff sauce

  • Farm raised duck

    Duck breast and duck leg spring with various preparations of beetroot, red onion and aceto balsamic

  • Chicken satay

    With sweet and sour atjar vegetables, grilled pineapple, prawn crackers and satay sauce

  • Truffleburger

    With old cheese, truffle mayonnaise, rocket, red onion, gherkin and crunchy onion rings



  • Dame blanche

    Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

  • Strawberries coupe

    With fruit salad and fruit coulis

  • Sherbet ice terrine

    With fruit salad and fruit coulis

  • Yogurt, peach and orange

    Yogurt ice cream with fresh orange segments, orange coulis and ginger almond cookie

  • Crème Brûlée

    Of vanilla with cookie caramel ice cream

  • Cheese

    Tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses with toasted raisin bread and apple syrup