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Halfpension menu



  • Goat cheese *

    with pistachio, pecan nuts, sweet and sour tomato and winter vegetables

    * Vegetarian
  • Tuna tartare

    with tomato, crayfish, foam of avocado and crispy Nori

  • Carpaccio

    With pesto dressing and old regional cheese

  • Regional dried ham

    with tutti-frutti salad, date cream and crunchy sticks with seeds

  • Soup of your choice;

    Tomato, chicken, vegetables or onion soup

Main course

Main course

  • Fish & Chips

    Crispy deep fried white fish served with fries and remoulade sauce

  • Salmon

    with candied sauerkraut, potato gratin, spring onion and red wine sauce

  • Ravioli *

    filled with cep mushrooms with green asparagus and porcini mushroom gravy

    * Vegetarian
  • Schnitzel Hengelo

    with onions, bacon, mushrooms and fully mature cheese served with stroganoff sauce

  • Marinated skewered fillet of beef

    served with Oriental stir fried vegetables, prawn crackers and an Oriental sauce

  • Veal  cheek

    and candied peel with mashed potatoes, bacon, onions and winter vegetables


    A classic jugged hare served with mashed potatoes, a stewed pear and red cabbage



  • Dame Blanche

    Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

  • Parfait of almond cookies

    with crunchy almonds and caramel sauce

  • Cheesecake

    with tutti frutti and salty caramel ice cream

  • Cookie caramel

    Full and creamy ice cream with the real English cookies and caramel sauce, topped with caramel and whipped cream

  • Crème brûlée

    of vanilla and Kyle Morello ice cream

  • Cheese

    Tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses with toasted raisin bread and apple syrup